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You may have bad breath and not even know it.  You really don’t want people to avoid you because of the foul odor coming from your mouth.  So how do you know that you have a bad odor coming from your mouth?  Usually it is someone that cares for you and has the courage to tell you.  So don’t get offended just thank them for letting you know so you can get rid of this condition.    

Some causes of bad breath also known as halitosis are caused simply by the foods you eat.  A good example of this would be foods that give off a strong odor such as garlic or onions.  Usually this kind of breath can be controlled by paying attention to daily dental hygiene by brushing, flossing and rinsing.

If you are practicing good oral hygiene and the problem persists this may be more than a social issue there may be a more serious underlying problem that you should check into.  Besides the more obvious causes such as foods or if you are a smoker or even a temporary sinus condition it could be caused by a more serious underlying medical condition or even gum disease.

If the problem persists you should get checked by a medical professional to make sure you don’t have or you maybe developing a medical situation.  A good start would be to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Your dentist will want to check to find any causes for your halitosis.  This will involve x-rays to check for cavities, he will look for plaque on your teeth and also a good through examination of your gums.  All of these can be the cause of bad breath.  If everything checks out and these are not the cause of this condition he will refer you on to a doctor to do more through medical tests.

As mentioned previously you should go to your dentist before this condition could progress on to a more serious problem.  If you don’t have a dental insurance plan or may be delaying a dental visit because of financial reasons there is a good option to help you afford your dental visits.

You should look into the benefits of a dental discount plan.  You can do a free search for the dentists in your area.  The plan offers great discounts on almost all dental procedures  and is very affordable for both individuals and families.  Another benefit is you can get a good idea of the cost of your visit by simply looking at your discounted cost before you go to your dental appointment.

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