Are you paying too much at the dentist? can help!

Head to HeadPurchasing dental plans for college students can be tedious although some fortunate college students are covered up to age twenty six through their parent’s group dental plan through their employer.

Those students that are not so lucky but do care about their dental health are left with only a few choices in their search for an affordable dental plan.

Is a dental insurance policy the best dental plan for someone in college?

The first place that most people look is for a dental insurance policy.  While this type of plan has its good points it has a few downsides also.  Probably the best benefit of this type of policy is your choice of the dentist you would like to go to.

The major drawback  for college students is that it is not affordable and can cost as much as $30 a month for an individual college student.  You can bet that this monthly cost is not in the budget for most students.

While a dental insurance plan does provide some free services such as a free annual exam and maybe a cleaning once a year it can be insufficient on the amount it will pay for dental procedures.  There can be a deductible plus a limit up to a certain amount like $1500 that they will pay each year.

What is the best affordable dental plan available for college students.

Taking this into consideration plus there is usually a waiting period for certain procedures and considering the monthly premium most college students will probably want to look for a more affordable dental plan.

Even though affordable dental plans for college students are hard to find a good option that any college student should consider is a dental discount dental plan.

It is very affordable for an individual starting as low as $79 a year.  That’s $79 a year not a month so that’s a substantial savings as compared to $30 a month for an individual dental insurance plan.

One of the positive things about the discount dental plans is there is no waiting period and your dental card is sent to you the same day.  That means if you have a toothache you can schedule an appointment with the dentist right away.

One difference between the two plans we are discussing is your choice of dentists.  While some dental insurance plans will allow you to go to any dentist of your choice a dental discount plan will give you an ample choice of dentists in your area to choose from.

The discount dental plan has no deductibles and it is set up to give you generous discounts on all the dental procedures in the plan.  So money wise which plan will give you the best choice for your budget?

The discount dental plan can be the best choice if you are in college and on a budget. 

The bottom line when purchasing dental plans for college students whether it be a dental insurance policy or a discount dental plan each must be evaluated in light of the amount of money the plan will cost as compared to the actual dental benefits you receive from the dental plan.

Taking this into account my recommendation for college students is the discount dental plan.  If you take a look here you can do your search for the dentists and the plans in your area that will fit your budget.



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