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Have you been going through life hiding your teeth? If you have crooked front teeth you are fully aware that can put a damper on your smile.  Have you been considering during something about this predicament that has held you down for years?

Since this condition can drag you down emotionally you may be at the point that you are ready to do something about it.  Of course I know you are well aware that the only way you can straighten your teeth are with braces.

Since you don’t want to be one of those people with crooked teeth I would like to share with you a brief summary of some things you may want to consider to help you make a decision on if you should get braces.

The first thing you should probably check out is the type of braces that are available to you.  This post will get you familiar with what’s available but your final choice will probably be based on cost and your orthodontist recommendation.

Most common types of braces for teeth:

The well known metal braces have been around for many years.  Even though they are not necessarily cosmetic pleasing they have a long history of being reliable in fixing crooked teeth.

Some people choose ceramic braces over metal braces because they are more aesthetically gratifying since they are mostly clear and are not as noticeable.

If you teeth aren’t very crooked you should consider Invisalign braces.  These are aligners that fit over your teeth to gradually bring them into alignment.

Lingual braces are becoming very popular because they are located behind your teeth and can’t be seen.  They basically do the same job as metal braces but are located in the back of your teeth.

Next the all important questions for anyone considering braces is how much do they cost and how are you going to pay for them.

What is going to be the price tag on braces?

This is going to depend largely on how crooked your teeth are, the type of braces recommended by your orthodontist and the follow up visits for adjustments.

While there is not a set cost because of the above factors a good average cost of braces is around $5,500.

Braces are expensive so what are your options to pay for them:

1.  While this may not be an option for most people you can consider paying for them with your own money.  That is if you have an extra $5,500 lying around.

2.  You will find that most orthodontist’s offices will make a payment plan available to their patients since braces are so expensive.

Some of this financing is actually done through an outside finance company which will charge interest.  Consider that this cost will be over and above the actual price of the braces.

3.  If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance through your employer it will pay up to the maximum allowed on the policy which is usually on an average of $1,000 to $1,500.

There is normally a waiting period for braces and also if you are purchasing it on an individual basis it can be expensive.

4.  An affordable option to help pay for braces is a discount dental plan.  There is also no waiting period for braces.

It will allow you to go to participating orthodontists in your area for a pre-arranged discount for braces and orthodontic work.  This discount will be around $1000 and sometimes more.

I would like to offer you a tip if you are interested in exploring the affordable dental discount plans.  I am a representative for over 30 of these plans.

I suggest you review these plans to explore the orthodontic options for crooked front teeth.  Just type in your zip code and it will bring up all the plans and dentists in your area.  Pick out the orthodontists and it will list the plan they will accept.

My tip is to just call their office and ask for the discount for orthodontic work on braces.  You may find a great discount by putting out just a little extra effort.  Just go here.









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