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Sometimes wisdom teeth can grow in at an angle and they can become what is called impacted or lodged in next to another tooth.  This may never present a problem to you but can cause some people lots of difficulties.  Below you will find a video that  gives a good explanation of this possible serious dental condition.

Friendly Gold Coast Dentist talks about Impacted wisdom teeth

Ben Swindley Dental Ben shows you how to tell if your wisdom tooth is impacted.


You may be wondering what takes place when you have an impacted wisdom took removed.  Have a look at this video so you can tell what you would have to tolerate to feel great again.  This is an excellent video by “ORA Oral Surgery”.

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Extraction, Impaction

Our jaws aren’t constructed to accommodate wisdom teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth often remain encased in gum or bone tissue, so they are referred to as imp…


As you can see by the YouTube videos impacted wisdom teeth can cause you severe dental problems.  The most prudent thing to do is to see your dentist as soon as possible to avoid major complications.


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