Are you paying too much at the dentist? can help!

RC_STU~1Are you having signs of dental problems?  It may be time to wake up and get to the dentist because you may be on your way to serious dental complications.

You also need to be aware that these complications can sometimes predict major health problems like heart disease or diabetes.

So perhaps you are putting off your dental visit.  If you are like me it could be because of financial reasons because it is expensive.  It could also be because of just plain old procrastination, or maybe the perceived pain you think you will receive at the dentist.

To help relieve you of some of the stress that is keeping you from maybe your first dentist visit in years I’m going to share with you my personal experience at the dentist.

My goal is help you see that going to the dentist is really a piece of cake and it will motivate you to call and make your own dental appointment.

Also toward the end of this article I am going to help you break down the barrier that keeps most of us from going to the dentist because it can be costly.  As you will see I learned the tough way since it hit me hard in the pocketbook.

Upon my arrival for my dental appointment I was a bit apprehensive but that went away   because the staff was so nice.  They explained to me that we would do a complete evaluation to address my dental health.

That sounded fine because I knew I had some problems that needed to be fixed.

First they took some digital x-rays to look for any decay in my teeth.  They were also looking for gum disease, the condition of the roots of my teeth and other signs of dental problems.

Oh by the way they found a cavity that was giving me some pain.  That was fixed during my first visit and what a relief it was to be free of the hurting.

After this things were looking pretty good but to my dismay I found my delay in going to the dentist was going to cost me big.

As a result of the x-rays an infection was detected in one of my teeth.  That resulted in a root canal procedure done at a later appointment.  I was thankful for this because it saved my tooth.

To add to my years of neglect I had to get a dental crown also.

My overall dental visits were very positive and virtually pain free.  My mistake was that I waited so long to pay attention to my dental health.  Most of the work I had done could have been avoided by regular visits to the dentist.

You are probably wondering how much did all this cost.  I didn’t have dental insurance because like the cost of going to the dentist it can be expensive.   All the dental work that had to be done was out of my pocket which set me back about $3000.

So how can you go to the dentist without putting out a bunch of money like me?

Earlier in the article I mentioned a way that you can save some money if you decide to not to make the mistakes I made.  But first you need to book that appointment for your first dentist visit in years.

A word to the wise to keep your dental expenses in the affordable range you are going to have to have some type of affordable dental plan that will help you pay the bill.

I wish I would have known about these low cost dental plans because it really would have helped me lower my cost a whole bunch in my dental visit we talked about in this article.

If you look here you will see I have made available thirty affordable dental plans I would like for you to review.  I feel it will certainly be worth your time to review the plans and the dentists available to you in your area and you will be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of these plans.


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