Are you paying too much at the dentist? can help!

If you are looking for low out of pocket expenses the Patriot Dental Plan may be what you have been searching for.  Whether you are an individual or a family you will find this plan is very affordable and can fit into almost any budget.

How it works

  •  This plan is known as a reduced fee for service dental program.  You are permitted to use a pre-set dental fee schedule when visiting the dentist.
  •  This can save you up to 50% off usual and customary fees as compared with the American Dental Association regional survey averages according to the Patriot Plan online brochure.
  •  You can simply go online type in your zip code to view the participating dentists in your area.

The free services enhances the affordability of this plan

From information obtained from the Patriot online brochure some of the fees charged on many of your dental visits are actually free to you.

Also you should review the listed savings to you on the additional procedures available to the plan members.

 Since the cost of the plan is $104.95 for an individual and $159.95 for a family you can see you’re out of pocket cost for this plan is reduced because of the free services.


ADA Code

Procedure Description

Usual Fee 1

Discounted Fee
(for Plan Members) 


Routine 6 Month Check-Up *




In Depth Check-Up *




Full Mouth X-Rays *




Four Bitewing X-Rays *




Panoramic Film *



 Things you should consider before purchasing this plan


  • This is a reduced fee for service or sometimes known as a discount dental plan; this is not dental insurance.
  •   You can go to for additional information to decide which type of dental plan fits your dental needs and budget.
  •  Although your reduced dental expenses with the Patriot Dental Plan is very generous there are only 12,000 participating dentists nationwide.
  •  Be sure to type in your zip code to determine any dentists that accept this plan in your area.

While no dental insurance or dental discount plan is perfect they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

To determine if the Patriot Dental Plan will fulfill your dental needs you can go online forfree information to establish your cost, plan benefits and sometimes available discounts for you or your family.




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