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Mar 312013

dentist wkg in mouthAre you looking for an affordable dental plan to help pay for your visits to the dentist?  If so what would be the first thing that you would look for in a dental plan.  If you are like most people the answer would probably be is it affordable.

What would you expect to pay for this type of dental plan?

If you could find a dental plan as low as $79.95 a year for an individual and $129.95 a year for a family would you think that plan would be reasonably priced.  Actually these are great rates for families and individuals that are serious about getting quality dental work on an affordable basis.

You can get these types of rates with a discount dental plan.

In recent years dental discount plans have become popular because of their affordability.  It may be your most cost effective method of going to the dentist.  They are set up on the premise that instead of paying a deductible like dental insurance you get a preset percentage savings on dental procedures.

These are some of the benefits you will receive.

  • No waiting periods for pre-exiting dental conditions.
  • No age limits.
  • Receive your dental card in one to three days.
  • No claim forms to file.
  • Numerous dentists to choose from in your area.
  • Generous discounts on dental procedures.
  • Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry covered on some plans.

Look at some examples of savings on procedures that are available to you.

You can do a free online search through this website to look through over thirty different discount dental plans.  All have different features such as the dentists available to you in your area, discounts on dental procedures, and of course the affordable price of the plan.  Some even offer some free services.

For example I did a search and was drawn to a plan that actually offered five free services.  I was reading through the discounts offered on the dental procedures and I took a look at a molar root canal treatment since I had one done several years ago.

The cost for this procedure runs around $1,170 but the member would only pay only $428 that’s a great savings of $742.

Another dental procedure that caught my eye was a single metal crown with a typical cost of $1227 but the member would pay only $534 for another substantial savings of $693 to the member.

As you can see with discounts like these on dental procedures and many more that are listed you could save a bunch of money on your dental visits. But you should probably take a look for yourself at the discounts offered by each plan.

All you have to do is to go here to start your search for an affordable dental plan.



Nov 162012

Man Holding Forehead --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisAre you sick and tired of toothache pain? Most of us have experienced this excruciating pain at one time or another.  So how do you stop it and all the misery that goes along with it?

Does this describe you? Are you hurting and need immediate relief.  Should you try a natural remedy, over the counter medication or go to the dentist.

This article will give you four ways to provide temporary relief of this problem.  The fifth remedy will be a permanent solution to your pain.

These are five remedies that may help you:

1. Try a clove of garlic. You can pick it up at your grocery store.  It is inexpensive and can offer some people immediate relief.

Just peel the clove of garlic and place in the area of the mouth where you are experiencing pain.  Bite down on it and hold for a few minutes to let it soak into the affected area.

Sometimes this can cause some burning but usually goes away after a couple of minutes.  If the burning persists just rinse with warm salt water and this should give some immediate relief.

2. Clove oil which can be purchased at most stores that sell spices works well for relief of a toothache.

Clove oil will work well if the tooth has developed a cavity.  Just get a cotton ball put a few drops of clove oil on it push it in the cavity and bite down and this may give you some pain relief.

3. Other remedies that you can use with a cotton ball are vanilla extract, or other extracts such as peppermint or lemon.

Like clove oil just put a few drops of the extract you choose on the cotton ball bite down and hopefully you will get relief.

4. To get some immediate relief you will probably need to take a trip to the drugstore.

Over the counter medications such as anbesol and oragel that you can rub on the area around the tooth can numb the pain temporally.

Also any of the standby pain medications such as naproxen, acetaminophen and ibuprofen can offer relief until you can get help.

5. As you might suspect the toothache pain remedies discussed in this article are temporary and you will probably have to schedule an appointment with the dentist if the condition worsens and you need a permanent solution.

Since you are exploring options for relief of your pain is it possible you are trying to avoid a dental visit.  This could because of a fear of going to the dentist or maybe financial reasons.

If your toothache is temporally relieved but comes back a dental visit will be mandatory because you could have an underlying infection which could develop into serious problems.

In conclusion many of the remedies to help with toothache pain discussed in this article from clove of garlic, clove oil, various extracts and over the counter medications can be a big help when you experiencing the misery of a toothache.

But what if the pain doesn’t stop? The only way you’re going to fix it is to go ahead and schedule that appointment with the dentist. As mentioned earlier one of the reasons for delaying this visit is that you may know it is going to hit you hard in the pocket book.

If a trip to the dentist is in your future read a little further for some information to help you go online to find some affordable options to get a permanent fix for your toothache pain.

I recommend that you do an free online search to find an affordable dental plan in your area to get rid on your pain for good.

May 142011

Cigna Dental Plans Are Affordable

There are a number of dental plans you can choose from but if you areCigna dental plans looking to save money you should look into purchasing one of the Cigna dental plans. 

You may want to take a look at dental insurance  or one of the affordable discount dental plans.  Cigna has a plan that offers great discounts on almost all dental services and it will probably fit into your budget.

==>Should You Consider Cigna Dental Plans? <==

One of the outstanding features of this plan is that it gives you access to over 93,000 participating dentists nationwide.  This assures you that no matter where you live in the United States you should have a good choice in the geographic area you live in.

Also if you are traveling or out of town on business and develop a dental problem it is good  to know that your dental card is available to you nationwide at Cigna”s large dental network of dentists.

Now with the preferred network access owners of Cigna dental plans can visit any participating dentist or specialist and receive immediate savings on dental services.

 This type of plan commonly know as a discount dental plan may not be a fit for everyone.  Some people would rather have a dental insurance plan that has a deductible instead of discounts on dental services offered by the dentist you are visiting.

That’s why it is important to do your research before you purchase a dental plan for yourself or your family.

Discount dental plans in my opinion offer a much better value than dental insurance because of the affordability it offers you.  I can speak from experience since I own this type of plan 

If you click here it will take you to my information website where you will be able look at the cigna dental plans and also over thirty other different plans.  It won’t cost you a thing to look at the benefits and the cost of each plan to see if it will fit into your budget.

Feb 212011

If you are looking to purchase a dental discount plan these are some of the things you should pay attention to.

The first thing you should recognize is that no dental plan is perfect.  They all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Whether it is dental insurance or a discount dental plan they both will require you to come out of pocket for a portion of the cost for your dental visits. 

An area you should look into once you decide on dental discount plan that meets your needs is the available dentists in your area.  If you have a dentist you use on a regular basis there is a chance that your dental provider may not take the plan you choose.   If you like the benefits of this type of dental plan you may have to make a decision to change your dentist.

A seeming drawback of this type of dental coverage plan is that instead of a deductible and co-insurance you receive discounts on procedures performed by your dentist.  You should add up the deductible and co-insurance on the dental insurance plan you may be considering and compare that to the out of pocket cost to you when using your dental discount plan.  This will help you to decide whether to purchase dental insurance or a dental discount plan.

While the discount plans are very reputable also being offered by some of the same companies that sell dental insurance but on a few occasions all the discounts offered on the plan have not been honored by some local dentists.  If you find yourself in this situation just remind your dental office of this situation because all the discounts for all the procedures are plainly listed and it will be corrected.  You also have a customer service phone number if on a rare occasion you should need the help of your dental plan provider.

Overall most people are very happy with their dental discount plan.  With the generous dental discounts, a good supply of qualified dentists to choose from, at a very affordable cost.  A free search would be a good place to start if you are looking for discount dentistry using this type of plan.

I personally own a dental discount plan and consider it to be the best value for dental care today.  The best place to start a search will be on the internet.  If you keep reading I will tell you how to get free information on the benefits and cost of this dental coverage plan.

You can find a great value on a dental plan by doing a free dental search.  You will be able to compare pricing, benefits and local dentists in your area on thirty plans.  To get started with your search just click here.

Feb 142011

Are you considering getting dentures?  Take a few minutes and read this article it will help you answer some of the questions you may have before you make this important decision.

A common question you will have is will dentures change the way I look?

That is a good question since some dentures actually look like false teeth.  Make sure you discuss this with your dentist to get assurances that your dentures will be made at a reputable dental lab.  The goal should be to make them look like your natural teeth.

Loose fitting dentures can be miserable.

Getting dentures that are loose fitting will cause hassles in your everyday life.  Besides rattling around in your mouth eating can be a big problem. 

Biting into an apple is next to impossible.  Going out to eat can be an embarrassment because you can only eat foods with a fork.

Adding to your misery some of your food you are chewing will get stuck behind your dentures and you will have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to rinse them.  Make sure you get a proper fit and you can avoid some of these problems.

When will my dentures wear out?

That will depend on the care you give your dentures through the years.  In this day and time a lot of dentures are made of plastic which makes them very easy to take care of.  Even though they are plastic they actually look like real teeth.

Don’t use a regular tooth brush to clean your dentures because it can cause groves to appear and therefore shorten the life of your new teeth. Use a brush designed for cleaning dentures and this will make your new set of teeth will last many years.

Will I have to use that gooey stuff each day to hold my dental appliance in place?

Not necessarily.  Getting dentures that can be attached with anchors will do a good job of holding them in place.  Of course this will add to the expense.

If you are doing a partial it may possibly be attached to the adjoining teeth.  Fit is very important and all dentists will tell you to come in on a periodic basis to check your fit.

How much will my new dentures cost?

This will be hard to determine unless you schedule an appointment with your dentist.  You will be presented with several options and you will have to determine if the option you choose will fit into your budget.

Where do you go from here if you don’t have a dentist?

If you don’t have a dentist you will want to make sure that you choose an affordable dentist that does quality work.  Cheap dental work will only get you into problems up the road and in the long run end up costing you more money.

There is a way that you can get a good idea of the approximate cost of your dentures by doing a free search of some of the must reputable dental providers in the United States.  You can look at each plan and it will tell you the cost of dentures and provide additional information you will need.  This will at least give you a general idea if this will make sense for you financially.

Also it will list the dentists in your area that take part in this dental plan.    Hopefully this will get you on track to acquire a new set of dentures.

Jan 122011

Are you experiencing headaches, ear pain, jaw clicking and soreness or pain in the jaw then you may need TMJ help.

There are several areas that you may need to be aware of to understand what may have started your problems with TMJ.

Let’s take a look at some of the causes of TMJ.

One of the biggest culprits that trigger this condition is teeth grinding.  This happens often while you are sleeping which means you are not aware of grinding.  All of sudden one day you have pain in your jaw and wondering what could have caused the pain.

Closely related to grinding your teeth is stress.  While stress doesn’t necessarily cause TMJ it definitely can cause you to grind your teeth and therefore lead to this condition.

Who would ever think that using the phone at work would put you in a situation where you could develop TMJ.  The constant holding of you phone between your ear and shoulder over time can develop bad position habits that can cause this condition.

 If you had an accident that would bring trauma to the jaw that could result in a problem with your jaw.  Also an alignment problem with your teeth can lead to chewing problems, jaw clicking all possibly leading to TMJ.

There are several treatments you should consider if you suffer from this condition.  It is important that you do your research to help you narrow down your choices.

There are some things you can do on your own to help yourself.

The first type of treatment you should consider is some things you can do on your own to ease the pain.  Ice is always helpful to reduce pain and inflammation.  Refrain from chewing gum on a regular basis and avoiding eating foods that would cause you to open your mouth wider than usual.  Ibuprofen which is an over the counter medication can help with the pain and inflammation.

It is important to note that these treatments are usually temporary and you will need professional help if your condition worsens.

Should you consider surgery?

Oral surgery should be a last resort because surgery can sometimes come with complications.  Before surgery physical therapy is a good option if it is recommended by your  physician.  Of course surgery depends on whether you have medical insurance.  If you don’t own this type of insurance TMJ surgery may be too expensive for you.

The dentist may be your best option.

The next option you should strongly consider is a visit to the dentist.  Your dentist will want to take x-rays, check the alignment of your teeth and you may be fitted with a special mouthpiece that you will wear at night.  The mouthpiece will help reduce pressure on the joint.  Also the FDA just approved an FTI device to protect the teeth from further wear which will allow the muscles to relax.

The dental option should be high on your list to explore as a step to end your suffering from TMJ.  Help from your dentist can be expensive but will be far less costly than surgery.  If you have dental insurance then you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Just like medical insurance dental insurance can be expensive.  If you don’t have dental insurance a good option for you to consider would be a discount dental plan.  I find it to be very affordable with generous discounts on almost all dental procedures.  It is offered by some of the major insurance companies and will allow you to get help immediately from a dentist in your area.

If you have tried some of the treatments that you can do yourself mentioned in this article and are still having problems you should consider going to a dentist to get help.

If you would like to consider the discount dental plan option to save money on going to the dentist  you can do a free search for dentists in your area.   Just click here and you will also be able to calculate the cost and discounts you will receive with this dental plan.

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