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Oct 132010

Dental health is very important for individuals and families so it is helpful to have some form of dental coverage to minimize the costs of dental care.  There are two types of dental plans you should consider if you are looking for dental coverage dental insurance or a discount dental plan.

Dental insurance plans are typically available to individuals and families through employers and large groups such as associations.  Some dental insurance plans can now be purchased on an individual basis outside of wkg in mouth

To use this type of plan you must first meet a yearly deductible before the insurance company will pay any of your dental expenses.  After your deductible is met you will also be subject out of pocket maximum payments established by the dental plan you are enrolled in.

If you are considering purchasing this type of plan on an individual basis there are several things you should consider.  First, what are your actual out of pocket expenses when you factor in your monthly premium payment, you’re out pocket deductible costs, and any expenses you must pay that go over your yearly maximum limits on the dental policy.  Add these items up and that is the true cost of your dental policy.

A good alternative to dental insurance is a discount dental plan especially if you are looking for an affordable dental plan for yourself or your family.  These plans are typically purchased by individuals and families although it can be offered by some employers.

The major difference between a discount dental plan and dental insurance is that you don’t have to meet a deductible.  Instead of a deductible you receive a discount on the procedures performed by the dentist which are very generous.  You know before your visit what your dentist will charge you.  Also there are no maximum limits.

Like the dental insurance plan you should calculate the out of pocket expenses you will have with the discount dental plan.  Your premium payment will be very inexpensive so that is a plus.  Add to that the cost of your procedures minus your discount and this will give you the cost of the dental discount plan.

If you look here you can view all the plans, dentists in your area, the cost of the  different plans and actual discounts you will receive.

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