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Mar 142013

42-15530351Have you ever thought that excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching while you are sleeping may be causing your migraine headaches?

This may seem like the farthest thing from your mind but if you have tried all medical options and medications and that hasn’t worked maybe you should schedule an appointment with your dentist.

You may be surprised to know that your dentist has a device called NTI dental that is having good results in eliminating migraine headaches.

The reason you should be interested in this dental device is that it can put a stop to the nightly jaw clenching and teeth grinding.  Once this stops there is a good chance that your migraines will stop also.

Actually the NTI has been approved by the FDA for use in the prevention of migraines.  Even though it helps a lot of migraine sufferers it does not prevent everyone from getting migraine headaches.

What is the NTI dental device and how does it work?

One thing that this dental device has going for it is that it is small.  It is made out of plastic an unlike other more bulky dental appliances it fits over your upper or lower front teeth.

You might say that the NTI appliance is a type of mouth guard but smaller and looks different than the mouth guards we are used to.  Probably the basic difference between the two is that mouth guards protect your teeth from grinding and the NTI is actually a bite guard that protects against jaw clenching.

The jaw clenching can cause stress on the temporal nerves and create headaches.  Since this occurs on a daily basis while we are sleeping and even when we are not sleeping all this stress on the temporal nerves can often result in severe migraine headaches.

Where can you purchase the NTI-tss dental appliance and how much does it cost?

The NTI dental appliance cannot be purchased at your local drug store. You must see your dentist because the device must be adapted to fit securely over your front teeth.

This is a good video to watch that will give you a good visual explanation of the procedure.

The cost of the NTI generally starts at around $500 but you should see your dentist for a consultation to get exact out of pocket cost to you.

This is one side effect of the NTI that you should consider.

One side effect that is possible after long term use is that it can change the alignment of your teeth causing even more stress on your jaw.   For a regular migraine sufferer that undergoes regular extreme pain this may be a chance they are willing to take.

If you are tired of suffering through life with a migraine headache and everything you have tried has not worked for you should consider the NTI dental appliance.

All you have to do is call your dentist and ask if they work with the NTI dental.  If so schedule that appointment to start the process.  Hopefully you have dental insurance through your employer and maybe have the financial resources to pay for the device out of pocket.

If not I would like to recommend a discount dental plan to you.  It is very affordable for both individuals and families.  You can go over to my website and review all the plans and their cost for individuals and families that are available to you.




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