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Jun 052013

Are you scared to go to the dentist?  If so you are not alone since there are many people in your situation.  Would you like to know how to overcome dental fear?

I understand in a small way how you must feel.  I have always been apprehensive about riding on elevators.  This stems from being stuck in an elevator with my mother as a boy.

I have never gotten over my uneasiness of riding elevators but I still do it because I refuse to limit my every day life.  Just like me you may not completely get over your dental fear but you can learn to deal with it because during our lifetime all of us have to go to the dentist on occasion.

Some things you ought to think about.

There are a lot of ways that you can deal with this dread of going to the dentist from relaxation and breathing techniques to sedation and even therapy with a psychologist.

But let’s focus on a different area to help you over come this anxiety.  This will require only a few steps on your part by working with your dentist.

Before you move forward there is one thing you need to come to grips with.  You have probably put off going to the dentist for so long that the dental pain you are experiencing may give you the motivation to over come your dental fears.

One thing you should know for certain is that your dentist will fix your teeth and your pain will go away.  But by using the information we will discuss in this post your dentist will be your greatest ally in helping you overcome your dental anxiety.

This may be the reason that you have developed a fear of going to the dentist.

One reason for many fears is that the individual loses control of a situation.  Someone who has claustrophobia won’t get on an elevator because they can’t control whether it will get stuck.

Anyone who has a fear of flying can’t get on a plane because once they get on they have no control thinking what if it crashes.

Someone who has a fear of the dentist may feel like they lose control once they sit in the dentist chair.  You may get through life by not getting on an elevator or flying on a plane but sooner or later you are going to have to go to the dentist.

This is a good way to start overcoming your dental anxiety.

This is a good way to start your process of overcoming your fear.  A good analogy is when you learn how to swim the instructor doesn’t  just throw you in the pool.  You start by getting in the swallow end and learning how to hold your breath and slowly sticking your head underwater.

The same process as learning how to swim can help you at the dentist.  Take baby steps first and as you progress you will start getting more comfortable with each dental visit.

You first may schedule a consultation where they can just examine your teeth and maybe take an x-ray.  No drill or shots.

With your next visit you can schedule just a teeth cleaning where the only noise will be the brushes they use to clean your teeth.

As you can see you are gradually getting adjusted to going to the dentist.  By taking things slowly you are steadily building up to the main procedure that will fix the dental problem you are having.

Also along the way you are gradually overcoming your dentist fears.

Your procedure can also be broken down into several visits that will furthermore help reduce your dental fears.

As we have discussed by moving slowly through your dental process hopefully you should gain confidence with each dental visit which will pay you great dividends in the future by having healthy teeth.

What’s your next step?

So where do you go from here?  You may want to take what you’re just read and put it into practice by scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

Hopefully you have dental insurance or maybe you are financially able to pay for the dental procedures with your own funds.

If not I have a suggestion you should consider.  I don’t know if you have ever heard of a discount dental plan but they are becoming very popular because they are very affordable for both individuals and families.

By reading the information we have discussed you may be able to accomplish two things.

First by following the steps we have discussed this allow you to start addressing any dental fears you are having.

Next this is a good opportunity to look into owning an affordable dental plan to help you pay for your dental visits both now and in the future.

If you click here you can review over thirty discount dental plans and dentists available in your area.  This can be a good opportunity to put you on the road to gain complete confidence in your future dental visits.


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