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Apr 122013

Did you know that tooth plaque is preventable. 

Tooth plaque can sneak upon you without you even knowing it.  But the best thing is it is a dental condition that you can control by practicing daily brushing, flossing and rinsing.  But there is another ingredient you must not over look and that is periodic trips to the dentist to clean any areas you might have missed.

The following video by dentistsshare gives an excellent explanation on tooth plaque and the other serious dental conditions it can lead to.


Dental Education: How Does Dental Plaque Affect Your Teeth Published by dentistsshare how Dental Education: How Does Dental Plaque Affect Your Teeth. Animation by Xtranormal.


The following article by gives an easy to understand explanation on where plaque comes from and some of the problems it can cause.


Plaque on teeth – teeth whitening: dental plaque and tartar



As the author of this article points out plaque and tarter are the beginning of most dental problems.  But with brushing, flossing and regular cleanings at the dentist plaque and tarter can basically be eliminated.

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